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Les Whitney Vistage Master Chair

How Well Do You Understand, Measure, and Manage Your


I Lead By the Numbers - and Help You Convert Them Into Action

In my groups we use a tool called Performance Leadership Insights. This is a system where I work with each member, and the group as a whole, to identify their Seven Fundamental Cash Drivers and translate the numbers into actionable steps you can apply immediately.

If that sounds interesting, let me suggest this: with just 14 pieces of financial information - numbers found right on your basic financial statements I can demonstrate the value my group and this tool can bring you. I’ll coach you the same way I’d coach a member. What better way to determine if being part of Vistage and working with me as your Chair is right for you?

About Les Whitney

Les Whitney is a Vistage Master Chair and leads three groups of highly successful business owners and CEOs. These groups meet regularly and act as a Peer Advisory Board, supporting one another in becoming more effective leaders and achieving greater results in their personal and professional lives. Les’ role is to facilitate monthly meetings, conduct one-on-one meetings with up to 18 CEOs, and inspire them to “Dare to be Great.” Not one member of Les’ groups lost revenue during recent economic downturns. In fact, most say they are more successful than ever before, as a result of their involvement in Vistage. 

Les won “Rookie of the Year” from Vistage after his first year as a Chair and has been multiple times, the recipient of the “Chair Excellence Award.” Recently, Les was one of 22 Chairs around the world named “Master Chair,” based on his excellent performance with his three groups. Since 2008, Les has also trained other Vistage Chairs throughout the nation, helping them achieve maximum success in their roles. 

Prior to joining Vistage, Les Whitney spent 17 years running several successful small-to-mid-market companies. He started an international sales and marketing company selling sporting goods and law enforcement products, as well as a baseball pitching machine manufacturing company. Les was hired as CEO of Pacmayer, Ltd., a successful sporting goods manufacturer, and was COO of Renaissance Doors and Windows, a premiere door/window manufacturer located in Orange County, California. 

leslie.whitney@vistagechair.com | (949) 370-6799